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Pure Oils & Creams


How to use:

Use before or after engaging in sports to refresh your leg after bath and before you go to bed as a treatment oil. 

Push good amount onto hand and rub it. 


How to use:

Use on whole body.


How to use

Spray on arms and legs.

Repeat it when the scent gets thin. Enjoy the scent and healthy look of your skin.


Make sure before use there's no skin issues or irritations. 

Stop use immediately if you get any problems with use of this product. Do not use if you have scratches/swelling /rashes. 

Consult with doctor if you have any troubles with skin. 

Stop use and see doctor if you get a rash , redness, itchiness and unusual sensation.

This is not a drink.

Wash with water if it gets in your eyes. Do not use for purposes other than what's on this instruction.

Keep out reach for children and pets. Do not keep in high temperatures, humidity and under the sun. 

Do not use other container. 

Use as soon as possible after open.